“Ronaldinho Cryptocurrency Scam Investigation: Insights into Allegations and Involvement”

Renowned football legend Ronaldinho finds himself in the midst of a cryptocurrency scandal, as Brazilian authorities have launched an investigation into his alleged involvement in a fraudulent scheme. The former FC Barcelona and AC Milan star, as well as a key player for the Brazilian national football team, has been summoned to provide a statement regarding his connection to a suspicious cryptocurrency company known as “18kRonaldinho.”

Ronaldinho Cryptocurrency Scam Investigation
Ronaldinho Cryptocurrency Scam Investigation

The company in question promised extraordinary returns of approximately 2% per day to investors who put in a minimum of $30 in digital currencies. Initially, Ronaldinho was associated with the organization as an ambassador, which dealt with the sale of watches and jewelry alongside its dubious investment proposal. However, when called upon to address his potential role in the company, Ronaldinho failed to appear in court, leaving authorities without an explanation for his absence.


A Brazilian federal congressman, Ãureo Lídio Moreira Ribeiro, stated that Ronaldinho has been summoned to appear in court on August 30th, with a stern warning that law enforcement will resort to force if he does not comply. Ronaldinho’s legal team, on the other hand, asserts that their client was actually a victim of the scam. They claim that his image and name were exploited by criminals without his consent to deceive unsuspecting individuals.

The aggrieved investors, who were lured into the potential scam, are seeking restitution of approximately $61 million due to the financial and emotional distress caused by the fraudulent scheme. As the legal proceedings continue, it’s worth noting that this isn’t Ronaldinho’s first venture into the world of cryptocurrency.

Around a year ago, the affable Brazilian football icon entered the cryptocurrency arena in a legitimate capacity. Ronaldinho, known for his cheerful demeanor and sportsmanship on the field, boasts an impressive fan base of nearly 75 million followers on Instagram. Leveraging his popularity, he delved into the crypto sector as an ambassador for New World Inc., a subsidiary of Graph Blockchain. This collaboration introduced his vast fan base to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a unique digital collectible experience.

Subsequently, Ronaldinho’s involvement with the decentralized exchange P00LS led to the launch of his own cryptocurrency token named “RON.” This venture showcased his continued interest in the evolving world of digital assets and decentralized finance.

While the ongoing investigation into Ronaldinho’s association with the alleged cryptocurrency scam remains in progress, the football legend’s foray into the crypto sector highlights both the opportunities and risks associated with emerging financial technologies. As legal proceedings unfold, the world watches to see how this chapter in Ronaldinho’s post-football career unfolds.

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